Thursday, September 30, 2010

Electric mixer, blender, food processor, juicer or grinder?

As promised, here is a bit more information about the different kitchen gadgets:

Electric mixer, blender, food processor, juicer or grinder

Electric mixer,
Mixes ingredients and is mostly used when baking cakes
Meat mincer. Pushes food through a sieve to make minced meat or fruit.

Blender (liquidizer),
A blender mashes food into a pulp and is mostly used for making drinks or soups.
The stick blender.
This works the same way as the blender but you plunge the stick into the food instead of putting the food into the blender. blender.

Food processor,
A food processor is a gadget with sharp and blunt blades to chop food finely, make breadcrumbs or kneads dough.


A juicer will extract fluid from food, mostly vegetables and leaves the non fluid portion of the food as a pulp which can be eaten separately.
A citrus juicer is a glorified lemon or orange squeezer.

A grinder is used for grinding and spices and coffee beans. It is the most time saving device and replaces the old mortal and pestle.

I shall post more details about each gadget in due course.
Most two most useful items in thee kitchen are the stick blender and the humble hand whisk.
Every new housewife should have those.

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