Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cooking by intuition.

There was a time when man was naturally as intuitive as some animals are today.
Man developed his mental capacity at the expense of his intuitive nature.
Perhaps it is the historical attitude of men towards woman that lead to humankind loosing this gift because women are naturally more intuitive.

Before I explain how to tap into your intuitive nature, you need to remember that the organ in control is always your brain and common sense.
The ability to tune into intuition is not supposed to turn you into a robot.

Who have the ability to use this method?
Mostly woman and people who are well grounded; Men are often too critical and logical to allow themselves to tap into their intuition. The brain can override intuition.

So for people who know about radionics, this is no secret. (Using a pendulum)
There I am loosing at least the interest of half of the readers.

My belief of how this works is that the earth is a big magnet that keeps within its magnetic field an accumulative memory of all the thoughts and happenings that takes place (Past and future).

Man can truly not have one thought or experience that does not become part of this memory bank that influences the destiny of humanity.
How does it fit into cooking?

One can turn one’s own body into a pendulum to give answers.

My belief is that the information you can subtract from the collective consciousness, requires seed thoughts that are already into your mind.

Remember – let common sense prevail. Do not pour a cup of salt into the stew if your common sense indicates it is wrong.
Perhaps you are just not grounded enough to tune in and it is better to use a recipe if you get such stupid inspirations.

Before I tell you how to turn yourself into a pendulum, remember if you want to bake fruit cake, for instance, first read through a few recipes to get the general idea of how to bake one. Build up your ‘seed thought bank’ on the topic.
I even sometimes ask: “what shall I cook for my husband tonight that he will enjoy the most?” and then suggest a few meal choices and see when I get a positive result. I don’t think I ever made the wrong choice.

As I said before, if you are the mental type, it may not work for you.


  • Relax while standing straight.
  • Clear your mind from dominant thoughts and just tune into the moment.
  • Imagine there is a string that attaches you to heaven and run through you into the centre of the earth.

  • Relax until you can feel yourself lightly swaying on the currents of this imaginary string.
  • Now put the question into your mind (ask) for a YES response and feel your body sensation.
  • Now ask for a NO response and compare the sensation.

Do it a few times until you are sure of your yes’s and no’s.
For me YES simply records on the front of my body and NO at the back.

Once you know how to do this, you can ask about what vitamins to use or buy and all sorts of other handy frivolous information.


  • Remember your answer depends on your seed bank of knowledge, so be informed.

  • You can only ask YES or NO questions.
You can not ask: “Do I use apples or pears?”
You must ask: “Do I use apples?”
“Do I use pears?”
If you get yes for both then you ask: “Do I use both together”
If the answer is no then ask: “Do I use either?”

So the answer would have been, in many cases, the same as your common sense would have told you that it does not mater which one you use.
  • Use the pendulum method only when your common sense lets you down.

Most men will say if you know so much about something, why you have to tune in.
That is the attitude that may have resulted in humanity loosing this art.

This method I find is most useful when I have to decide between two ingredients or quantities in times when my brain lets me down.

Well, there it is: Cooking by intuition. I don’t know of anyone else who COOKS BY INTUITION like this so let me know how you get on.

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