Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vegetarian Cannelloni

I watched Sharon Glass and Nolene cooking some interesting vegetarian recipes on TV.
It looks so easy when someone shows you how.

I went to her website, but it was a bit unfriendly -- just wanting you to order or buy stuff so I chose the cannelloni recipe she showed us, and found some other links.

The hint she gave was that the tomato based sauce the stuffed cannelloni is cooked in should be plenty and moist.

The sauce is first poured into the bottom of the dish -- then the stuffed cannelloni on top of it then more tomato sauce with cheese on top.

To put the stuffing into the cannelloni she put it in a plastic bag and cuts one of its corners off. She then uses the bag as a piping tube to fill the cannelloni pasta.

It looked yummi.

Here are some recipes from other websites.

After visiting all these carefully chosen links you should be an expert cannelloni maker.

happy experimenting!!

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