Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cabbage juice to heal gastric ulcer pain?

Cabbage juice to heal gastric ulcer pain?

I made some cabbage juice and it did not taste too bad, but I can not report on its effect on gastric pain because I no longer have gastric pain.

Thinking back, the most helpful pain relief food was skorsie (gem squash) and Rooibos tea, and Spanspek (sweet melon)

See the previous post for details.

Here is how I made the cabbage juice.

I wish I tried carrot-spinach- and cucumber juice.
I am not going to wait for a next time; I hope there will not be such a need.

Making the cabbage juice:

First I selected some young cabbage leaves from the garden.
I will never use above ground shop vegetables for juicing unless it is organically grown and packed.
One never knows when the food was last sprayed and who handled and breathed over it.

Chop into small pieces.
Place in a jug and cover with boiling water to blanch.

Add a little ice water and blended it with a stick blender.

I drank the juice;
The pulp was mixed with honey and yogurt for a nice solid treat.

I could have put it into a blender or juicer

Alternatively I could have boiled the cabbage and strained the fluid for a tea, keeping in mind that heating destroys vitamins.

Here is a great juice recipe link:

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