Sunday, September 13, 2009

Honor your food

Cooking with consciousness.

Take a little time to honor the food you are preparing to cook for your family.
Thank God for the privilege to be among the worlds lucky citizens who have food to prepare for the day.

Honor the hands that help to bring it to your cooking pot -- Thank all those who help to prepare it.

Spend a little time to try and imagine what life your food had before coming to your table.
Imagine the mindset of those who harvested and packaged your food.

Are you preparing "happy food?"
When we cook with consciousness, we will start seeking food that was gathered with consciousness. In our little ways we are making life better for the future. All we have to do is be conscious of what we buy and eat. Not just stuff it into our mouths and feel a momentary pleasure while it stimulates our taste-buds. We need to eat for global health. We are part of the globe.

There is so much cruelty and deception in the world from our efforts to produce food at such a mass scale.
There are so many appetites to please, that animals produced for the cooking pots, often have no or little pleasure in this world. Their instincts and pain are totally ignored.
We became aware of how some chicken hatcheries simply throw thousands of male chicks into an area with no food or shelter and allow them to die from injury, hunger and exposure, without ever having the experience to know what it feels to be a rooster.
Their only life experience was that of pain, hunger and exposure. They never even experienced the joy of a full tummy.
I saw one pecking in the dust. He was small yellow and fluffy. He just came from the egg.
He will never know what food tastes like.
He died with a tummy full of sand.
He was never offered water to drink. His only shelter was more discarded chicks, which like him were left to die and rot.
Because he was a rooster and can not lay eggs his fate was sealed.

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