Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fruit mince 2

Fruit mince 2

250g currents, washed and dried
250 g sultanas, washed and dried
250 g seedless raisins, washed and dried
500g raw cooking apples, peeled and cored, coarsely chopped then weighed
120g candied peel
120g dried figs or apricots, washed, soaked and dried, chopped
1 lemon
250g suet, with membranes removed and finely chopped
120g chopped nuts
500g soft brown sugar
2 tablespoons marmalade
2 teaspoons mixed spice
1 wineglass sherry
2 wineglasses rum
½ t salt

Chop all the fruit and nuts except the orange and lemon.
Grate the orange and lemon peels, squeeze the juice and strain.
Mix all the ingredients except the rum and sherry.
Cover the container and allow tostand for 24 hours.
Now mix all ingredients together and pack into glass jars and seal as for jam.
This mixture will keep for one year and may be moistened with sherry if it becomes too dry.

So you can make some for next Christmas as well.

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