Thursday, December 18, 2008

Preparing for Christmas fruitcake Baking day (absolute beginners)

The day before:

  • Finding the recipe
  • Buying the ingredients
  • Finding or borrowing the baking pans
  • Soaking the fruit

Baking day:

  • I photocopy my recipe in big print and stick it on the fridge for easy referral

  • Dress Comfortable. Use an apron if you have it. Flour has a way of getting onto ones clothes
  • Clean the kitchen and clear the sink and working surfaces.
It is best to wash the dirty utensils immediately. One can get oneself tied in knots when one allow the dishes to pile up.

Preparing the work space

  • Make sure your workspace is big enough.
  • A plastic sheet over an ironing board can increase the work surface if you live in a caravan or small flat.

Oven and Pans

  • Turn oven on take butter from freezer
  • Prepare the baking pans and line them with wax paper or tin foil.

If you inherited old pans from granny, it is better to line them with tinfoil to cover rust spots or to prevent them from rusting.

  • Get extra baking utensils and edible ingredients for little Mary or Johnny and space for them to make a mess where they will not bother you too much.

Final touches

  • Measure out all the ingredients and group them in order of need.
  • Put on your favorite relaxing music if you do not have a little Mary or Johnny,
  • Make a cup of coffee or pour some of that fruit-soaking alcohol that is left over into a glass and have a sip now and again.

Follow the recipe.

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